Friday, 13 May 2011


And so a lon.....................g trip to Thrupp...see below for timings......
This is Barneys favourite position, lying alongside the boat on the towpath watching the world go by
We left about 1015 to time our arrival at Thrupp when people might have started to move leaving some space as it is such a popular spot.   Only 2 locks today and one of those was the dreaded diamond shape at Shipton Weir lock.   All along this stretch the mighty river Cherwell has been pussyfooting along beside us, sometimes, as last night, just over the other side of the towpath, but today it briefly joins us....or maybe we join with it.....anyway between Bakers Lock and Shipton Weir lock we travel together along a very twisty route.

Shipton Weir Lock

En route we saw a couple of fishermen again today, we saw our first a couple of days ago, we had been wondering at the lack of these patient gentlemen (should I be politically correct and say gentlefolk....there are probably ladies who fish!).  We wondered if we were in the closed fishing season if there is such a thing on the canals.....

And so to Thrupp, past lots of permanent moorings before the sharp turn to go through the lifting bridge, which has now been electrified.  It did not look promising as we rounded the bend and sure enough all the 7 day moorings were full.  However there was space further along on the 48hr ones.  
We had forgotten how busy the small road just alongside the towpath can be, so have to keep an eye on Barney.  Still a delightful mooring, although we are just opposite the first of the cottages which is a bit like being in a goldfish bowl.  How the cottage dwellers feel with all these strange boats just outside their front door.  We know two boats are leaving tomorrow, one of which is Hotel Boat Takara and he is going to let us know when he is going so we can move back into his space.  
2.62 miles, 2 locks, 1hr 28 min

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

You are right you can fish all year on the canals but the season only opens on June 16 on the rivers