Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lower Heyford

This was our sunset in our lovely open mooring last night, moored just before Chisnell Farm Lifting Bridge 193, one of the few lifting bridges along this stretch that we have to open.
A gentle start to the day as we did not plan to go far.
Our first lock was Somerton deep Lock and this really did have a pretty lock keepers cottage....sadly no lock keeper anymore.....
It is one of the deepest single locks on the system and when viewed from above, which Geoff did not me, it gives one a vertigo least it dod me when I looked at the photos....

On the boat I feel a long way down
Geoff and Barney walked almost the whole way, I did a small stretch in the middle between Heyford Common Lock and Allens Lock, but my back is playing up so climbed aboard again.....
We moored just before Heyford Wharf just beyond lifting bridge 205.  We were expecting visitors for lunch and for dinner!!   Tony and Di arrived at lunchtime and we repaired to the Bell so the fellows could have a couple of beers and then lunch on Petroc.....after their departure Geoff managed to have a late short siesta before evening guests Iain and Christine arrived.  Pre dinner drinks on board followed by a good meal in the Bell.
A good day of visitors but no internet connection, the first time I have been without since we started.
4.67 miles, 3 locks, 2hr 43 min

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