Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Heading South again

Well we were after a short trip in a northerly direction to turn ourselves around.   Another very pleasant stop in Banbury.  We did not rush ourselves this morning and it was almost 10.30 after we had shopped and pottered.  Needless to say by that time other boats were on the move so there was a bit of waiting at locks, but we were in no rush. 
Barney seems to prefer walking alongside with Geoff but when he is on the boat whilst cruising this is now his preferred position
One has to be very careful where feet are put
The wind was still with us but not quite as strong as really is quite delightful ambling up and down the Southern Oxford.  Geoff is still in seriously go slow mode which I think is great but takes a bit of getting used to!

No Kingfishers sighed this year yet but Heron's are around
As you exit Nell Bridge Lock there is a very low bridge and if you look closely you will see the level indicator board for the next stretch...however someone has obviously given it a good thwack and turned it through 90 degrees.
What it should look like.
We had lunch on the go today, a very rare occurrence for us, but we wanted to be on a little way as the forecast for tomorrow is not so good, there is even talk of rain.......
We moored just before Ayno Wharf and it is so congenial we may stay over tomorrow.
Our view

I have walked up the the Wharf and ascertained the price of diesel, 87p + tax where applicable and we can declare our own split.  Interestingly I was informed that places that will only sell at 60/40 have to inform you of this fact before filling up or it is not legal...this is news to me....can anyone verify this snippet of information.
7.38 miles 4hr 16 min 5 locks

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