Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Another long trip!!!

For definition of long see stats at bottom of today's blog.
Even a late start for us, just before 9am and with no particular destination in mind.  Weather was dry but a bit breezy, luckily no rain.
Our Pearsons Guide describes Kings Sutton Lock as `delightful` and well it may have been when we passed through here in 2007 and 2008 (I cannot remember) but today it looks as though some tlc is required.

Geoff had walked to here and onward as far as Aynho Weir Lock.  En route he passed lifting bridge 182 which was the scene of him nearly doing himself a mischief in 2008.
 bridge 182 - 2008
On that occasion the bridge was shut and he had extreme difficulty getting it to move, so resorted to climbing on the arm and going down it until his weight forced it down and the bridge up.  In slow motion it would have been OK but it went all of a sudden giving him a bit of a fright.   Unfortunately I missed the best shot and he didn't seem inclined to repeat the performance for me......
Today the bridge was open but sod's law prevailed and I had to hover for a boat to come through.  I then tried to take a photo whilst lining myself up for the bridge with almost disastrous results......a bit of wellie and reversing was called into action.   Unfortunately the boat that had gone through witnessed my less than professional transit.....
Exiting Nell Bridge Lock..it never seems as if there will be enough space..
Aynho Weir Lock with it's diamond shape...not my favourite locks
Passing Aynho Wharf someone was still celebrating the wedding
A little further on we saw a congenial mooring spot and decided to stop.   When I looked back to my 2008 log looking for the picture of Geoff on the bridge arm, I discovered we had moored in this exact spot almost 3 years ago to the day.
5.13 miles, 3 locks, 2hr 33 min

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