Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Yesterday was `Loo Day`......a very important item on a boat....the engineer came out from Lee Sanitation to give ours a service.   He spent over 2 hours with us and informed us that the docking station for the cassette had never been secured properly, so it was no wonder Geoff found it quite difficult to put in and out.  He remedied that situation and put in all new seals and filters so we are` hot to trot` again although I hope not literally!   The bill was not not small...........
The wind was still blowing well so we were quite glad to stay put.  In the evening we decided to try the Wharf Inn's early bird offer of 2 meals for £10 and found it excellent value.  The food was good as was the service.
This morning we decided on a more leisurely start to the day and did not leave until after 8.30.   The sun was shining, most of the wind was gone, and our possible destination was Cropredy.
This swan was nesting right in the middle of the towpath just by Fenny Marina so they had put a diversion in for walkers through the Marina.  She looked very peaceful but no sign of her partner.
As we passed through our first lifting bridge we also crossed the border from Warwickshire to Oxfordshire
Claydon Top Lock
As you can see we have a very obedient Geoff waits for the lock to fill Barney waits patiently

It was all so delightful travelling along in sunshine, no wind and lovely countryside, that we decided that we would not push ourselves but would look for a suitable mooring.
This is what we found at 1015am (such a long day)
Later the boat behind moved and we pulled ourselves back and even had a satellite signal.  I was able to spend the afternoon with my chair on the bank, and later my Pimms before supper.......hence the title of today's blog.
We also had unexpected visitors...friends Iain and Christine called to ask where we were as they were in Banbury, so they drove up for a cup of tea, our first visitors of the year.
We are considering staying here another day if the weather looks good tomorrow.
3.41 miles, 2 locks, 1hr 37min

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