Monday, 23 May 2011


We were collected from Petroc by Tony on Saturday morning and whisked off to their place as we were going to Samantha's 40th birthday party.........Geoff's goddaughter.  a good time was had by all as can be seen below..
One of Geoff's rare appearances on the dance floor!!!   I think this was only because the music was so loud you couldn't have a conversation with anyone...........birthday girl Sam in the centre.
Everyone was a little jaded on Sunday morning but we rallied sufficiently and Tony and I drove us back to Petroc.  We did a Sainsbury's shop en route and then Sunday Lunch at the Boat at Thrupp.  The food was excellent but pricier than the Jolly Boatman and not as plentiful....touch of the Nouvelle Cuisine bout it.
Today we had a leisurely start...another......we had the forecast for extremely high winds but it seemed to indicate they would be further north.   As we progressed however it became stronger and by the time we reached Somerton deep lock it was blowing well.  Dusty the Coalman was ahead of us so we tied up to wait (Very securely).  Geoff went up to the lock to help and I sat and waited.....and waited....and waited....
Eventually he returned to report progress.  Dusty had tried to tie up and his line ashore had broken and the boat waiting to come down had got itself into difficulties........stuck across the canal.....when they eventually extricated themselves and came out at the bottom of the lock the altercation between husband and wife was still going was bound to have been the man's fault wasn't it????.
Anyway we only went a little further before we moored up for the night.
4.96 mile, 3 locks, 3 hr 5 min


Anne Hall said...

What a lovely mover!!

BigJohn said...

"Today we had a leisurely start...another"
What is this hypocrisy?
Or has there been a Damascus experience?