Sunday, 14 June 2009

Weekend in Worcester

Wednesday 10th June

Well we did stay over an extra day in Upton and we did see it in the sunshine. Not only that but we had the pleasant surprise of unexpected visitors. I was just about to dip my paint brush into the tin ( For days I had been hoping Geoff would get around to the touch up job required on Petroc's sides, but there was no sign!!!) when Mary & Ivan Childs appeared. Paint put away we lunched in one of the local hostelries overlooking the river. They were en route and could not stay long so there was plenty of time for my painting in the afternoon. At least I managed to get one side done.

This is our mooring at Upton. There is very little space to moor and the outside of the pontoons was taken up by boats which looked suspiciously like long term liveaboards who didn't move very far. (The mooring was designated as 48hr only)

Petroc, 2nd from left at top
Thursday 11th June
Leisurely start today after shopping. The run up to Worcester was completed in sunshine and was somewhat more interesting than the previous stretch. We needed to empty the loos so we stopped at the pontoons at the entrance to Diglis Basin, where our guide book said there were facilities....NOT SO. Geoff had to get out the luggage trolley and do a longish trip up to the top of the locks through the basin. Things look very different here from our last visit. Huge buildings of, presumably, apartments have sprung up.
Immediately before the lock waiting pontoon where we were was a lovely long pontoon completely free. We initially pulled up there, but just before the end there was a sign saying "No Mooring-Fine £250"!!!!

All domestics completed we carried on up the river and moored just by the race course. A pleasant quite spot which is very convenient for Barnaby. We can walk straight onto the race course which is common land. This means that when there is not any racing you have the whole area to walk over.

In the evenings so far we have been entertained by all the rowers. in particular the Dragon Boats. We had never seen them before. You can hear them coming from some way off, as the drum is beaten slowly to mark the rowers time. I am sure the person beating the drum must have a special name but I don't know what. (I have just googled it and it says "drummer" or "caller")

We will stay here today Sunday and re-enter the canals tomorrow. We are expecting visitors today. Tony & Di Fletcher for the day and Ronnie Dunn for a couple of days.


John said...

Good to find you on the web. Ruth and I are staying at your house in Cornwall with our dog Ruby. The weather is good and Ruth wants to stay long enough to read all your books.
As you can see the wireless network works well.
We only arrived late Saturday afternoon so will report more later

gbl said...

John, how nice to hear from are the first of our holiday makers to contact us this way. Hope the weather holds for you and that all is Ok in the house. I cannot reply directly as I don't have your email address.

Gill Lovegrove

John said...

The house is just great and the weather today has been hot and sunny.
I trust you have had a happy and dry day.
If you ever bring your boat along the Thames to Lechlade or Buscot Weir we would be delghted to meet up with you as we are not very far away.
our email is