Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Delph Locks to Wordsley Junction

Tuesday 23rd June.
Big locking day today. We started with the Delph 9 down to Black Delph Junction, a twisty windy section down to Leys junction where another left turn took us to the 16 locks of the Stourton Flight. We were stopped by BW after a couple of locks as they had a problem further down but it made a welcome coffee break.
We eventually called it quits after lock 15 as I had had enough several locks back (it was very hot by now). There appeared to be a lovely spot to moor alongside a huge recreation area. The downside was that it was a little shallow near the edge......later on when all boats had ceased coming through the locks we had to let a little water down to float ourselves off again!

Red House Cone (Kiln) part of the Stuart Crystal works near the bottom of the flight
Two crew waiting for me to drive out of the lock
A beautiful evening with hardly a cloud in the sky....brilliant.

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