Monday, 22 June 2009

Netherton Tunnel to Merry Hill

Monday 22nd June

After watering etc at the excellent facilities at Black Country Museum we set off in a NWesterly direction (I think). I was not looking forward to the Netherton Tunnel as it is over 3000yds long and it promised to be about 4o minutes.
The approach to Netherton Tunnel
Entering the tunnel

This was the point at which I disappeared below and occupied myself on my computer, together with Barnaby. The reality was only just over 30 minutes and Geoff declared this to be a most gentlemanly tunnel. Dead straight, very wide and a towpath either side.......I'm so glad he was happy!!
The route between here and Parkhead Junction was surprisingly pleasant and not at all as expected. We had expected built up and industrial but it was surprisingly rural.
At Parkhead junction we turned left. On our right was the other end of the Dudley Tunnel. Now we have seen both ends but will never go through it.
En route we passed High Bridge, very aptly names compared to the height of some of the bridges we have been through recently.

We also passed this boat and I couldn't resist a picture......domestics still have to be done even when boating!!
Shortly after the turn we reached "The Waterfront" and Merry Hill Shopping Centre.

There is plenty of good mooring here, both opposite "The Waterfront and sitting high above the Merry Hill Shopping Complex.

There is a large M&S amongst other which necessitated a visit, but I was strong-minded and purchased nothing. However the 3 items I went into Sainsburys for grew somewhat and I then struggled back up many steps to Petroc!

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