Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bredon Hill

Wednesday 3rd June

Today was walking day. Every time we have visited Geoff & Gill at Bredon we have intended to walk up Bredon Hill but have never got around to it. However this was the time. They collected us about 10am, Gill having packed a picnic. I had downloaded 5 possible geocaches in the area and we set off. We parked part way up and then managed a good 4 hour walk, with a stop for lunch and several diversions to hunt for the geocaches. In the event we managed to find 3 of the 5. The remaining 2, if we were in the correct place had far too many nettles around them. (For those of you who have not cottoned on to our new hobby see the link on the right hand side of this page)

On the way down our route took us into a field of sheep. When they saw us they must have thought we were bringing a feed as they pursued us all the way down the field with very loud voices!

One of the geocaches successfully found
Elephant Rock

The views from the top were spectacular as can be just seen behind this picture of Elephant Rock.

We returned to their place for supper where Barnaby managed to disgrace himself by swishing his tail over one of their good wine all fairness to Barnaby it was more our fault than his. However I yelled involuntarily when I saw it happening and he was very subdued for quite a while. needless to say I was not quick enough to save the glass.

We were all quite tired after the walk so it was a reasonably early return to Petroc. On the way back Geoff showed us one of the markers from the 2007 floods, looking at it now it is hard to credit what the area. went through

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