Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Weekend in Audlem

Sunday 28th June/Monday 29th
An extremely pleasant and relaxed weekend. We visited the local church on Sunday morning followed by finding a geocache and a leisurely lunch in the Bridge Inn. The picture below is the Shroppie Fly which has the best situation of the two pubs but we had been recommended the food at The Bridge.

We sat outside for our drinks before lunch and when we went in to eat a very kind couple offered to dog sit Barnaby so that we didn't have to take him back to the boat....he was working his magic again!

The food was as good as recommended. We then retired to our very congenial mooring spot. It was very hot in the sun but we have several areas of shade. If you click on the picture to enlarge it Petroc can be seen as the 5th boat on the left.
A sudden rush of energy later one(whilst Geoff was still siestering!) led me to touch up the black of the gunnels on the shore side. I think we drive quite carefully but we seem to pick up a lot of scratches. They don't bother Geoff in the least which is why I was painting!!
There were quite a lot of boats going to and fro now. We decided that it was so congenial there that we would stay an extra day and set off very early Tuesday morning before anyone else was around.
We had a reasonable digital TV picture so I was able to watch Wimbledon. Geoff was not impressed that I stayed up to watch the Murray match which did not end until about 10.45pm. He was sound asleep long before.....................

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