Sunday, 28 June 2009

Made it to Audlem

Saturday 27 th June
Below is our mooring above Tryely Locks that we left at the slightly later time of 0630 this morning!!!

This meant that mooring where we wanted to be was likely to be difficult, but very kindly Dot & Bob said there was a vacant permanent mooring on the opposite bank which we were welcome to use. This was ideal as yet again we had a ringside position for the music (no vision just sound) but good vision for the fireworks. We had our own Pimms/G&T without having to brave the weather. There were two good showers during the course of the evening...just like last time....

Wonder of wonders we also had a good TV picture.....not normally so important but it is Wimbledon............
We are moored in a good quiet spot, adjacent to a field of cows. Luckily there is a fence between them and us. barney may not be interested in them, but they are curious about him!

Who is the most handsome?

The fireworks were excellent and viewed from our nice quiet spot away from all the crowds were even better!

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