Sunday, 21 June 2009

Black Country Museum

Saturday 20th June

This was Geoff's day in the museum. Museums are not really my thing and as I was still not walking very easily I decided to have a relaxing domestic day! The BW facilities for boats are excellent here. Showers, loos and a washing machine & tumble drier, all kept scrupulously clean. I managed to wash and dry a couple of covers that are too big for our small Candy washing
machine we have on board.
The pictures below are all taken in the museum, which is a living museum. All the buildings have been taken from elsewhere and rebuilt here. No one lives in them but there are people in costume inhabiting them. Geoff found the whole thing fascinating and had to give up eventually (his feet did!) before he had seen everything. Entrance is not cheap (£10.50 for a senior citizen) but a remarkable place
It is situated at the entrance to the Dudley tunnel, through which we could not pass. Some smaller lower boats can get through but passage has to be booked. However they do take intrepid tourists through, complete with hard hats. Fancy paying to go into a tunnel!!!
As can be seen from the picture above the place attracts large numbers of visitors.

The building below is the pub in the middle of the transported village.....luckily serving real beer.

The whole place gives a fantastic glimpse of what life used to be like here in the heart of the Black Country.
The day was completed by a visit to "The Pie Factory" for supper. Pies of all descriptions and all at a very reasonable price.

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