Sunday, 7 June 2009

Weekend in Saul

Weekend 6/7 June
We had timed our arrival back at Saul to reach there before the raft racing began as there were then restrictions on bridge openings.
Later in the afternoon we walked around the village of Frampton-0n-Severn which reputedly has the longest village green in England. Stopped at the Bell for a drink and watched the cricket match for a while....very English pastimes!

Sunday we walked to Framilode Church as there was a Communion service at 11am and we had booked our Sunday lunch in the nearby Ship Inn, which was personally recommended by the writers of our Pearson's Guide. We planned two geocaches enroute, one at Framilode Church and one at Saul Church. Saul was successful but Framilode was not. Our GPS wanted was telling us to go into the middle of the river! There were also too many people around (known as "Muggles") so we abandoned that one.
Inside Framilode Church

Framilode Church nestling in the trees
Although not a large congregation there were several youngish teenagers which was nice to see. Chatting to the parents of a couple of them during coffee afterwards we discovered they had a holiday place just behind our house in Cornwall.....small world.

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