Monday, 1 June 2009

Weekend in Evesham

Friday 29th May-Sunday 31st May
Once through the Evesham Lock there was no difficulty mooring as there was a long stretch on the left hand side complete with mooring rings and not a single boat there.
It was on the opposite bank to a rather nice park but this was an advantage as most of the gongoozlers were over there! There was sufficient grass this side and we found we were withing long hose distance of a water tap......hence the picture below.......taken on Saturday morning

Boe departed late morning on the bus back to Stratford to pick up her train. I was forced to go with her to try and buy a needed screw for the waste pipe in the kitchen sink. In my cleaning zeal I decided to clean out the outflow. However the screw that was necessary to keep it in place mysteriously disappeared and I could only conclude that it had gone down the plughole!!
I had to steel myself up to tell Geoffrey what I had done..........

Just in case anyone runs away with the idea that Geoff does all the work, I was busy down below doing other household duties. Apart from cleaning we were expecting friends for supper so I was busy preparing.
Gill, Geoff (same names...different couple!)and Ronnie arrived after lunch and unbelievably the weather was still being so kind. We were able to sit on shore with our Pimms and nibbles before supper. Geoff (visiting) had kindly brought his box of screws with him as the hardware shop was useless for our needs. Luckily we found one of the right size.

We are still trying to obtain a good picture of Barnaby to submit for the Labrador Rescue 2010 Calendar...this is the latest attempt.

Part of the park opposite with the Bell Tower

As I am writing this I hear the sounds of boat washing on the roof again. After Geoff's efforts on Saturday, we awoke to find the roof covered in little black flies.........he was not impressed.

Sunday we went to Choral Communion at All Saints Church. There are two large churches side by side and alongside the remains of Evesham Abbey. Both churches are still consecrated but only All Saints is in use. The other one is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.
We decided to forego our normal Sunday Pub Lunch. It was partly because of the hot weather (we are not complaining!) but mainly because we couldn't find an appealing looking pub. Instead we decided to try the Steak Baguettes which were advertised on one of the market stalls in the town. We thought we had hit it lucky that there was a market (not a normal Sunday occurence), however it was not the most scintillating market we have come across. Neither were the steak baguettes. The baguettes were not the normal crispy type but soft and dry filled with a few pieces of overdone steak with onions. To add insult to injury Geoff struck up a conversation with a local on the quayside before we departed on Monday morning (as he is wont to do) and he was informed that we could have had an excellent Sunday lunch at the pub just up the road from us for £4.95 (Senior Citizens rate). We had vaguely glanced at the pub as we had walked past it several times but the outside was not beguiling....just shows one should not judge by appearances.

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