Thursday, 21 April 2016

Yet more locks

The Stoke flight and the Astwood flight were the goal today.   In fact Geoff had a bigger goal than me.   We have decided to go via Droitwich and the Severn as Droitwich Spa seems like a better place for the weekend.  Geoff had designs on reaching there today, but after the first few locks I decided that after 29 yesterday, another 20 today would be too much.   So after a little bit of grumbling( it is a male thing!) we found a very congenial spot in the middle of the Astwood flight.  Lovely countryside and great view, even some sunshine to sit out in for a while.  Sadly thin cloud slowly built up and I was driven indoors but it was good whilst it lasted............we hear the promise of colder weather again for the weekend........
Total distance:2.40 miles 
Elapsed time:2h20m42s 
Average speed:1.03 mph (4.86 lock/mp

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