Saturday, 16 April 2016

On the move again

Company today
After a week at Saltisford Canal Trust Centre we are on the move again.  The delay was because I had a reunion to attend in Salisbury and I managed to fit in a night with Emma.   
The return journey was via one of Giles' kitchens (to persuade me that it was what I wanted in my new granny annexe)to dinner to celebrate ( just a few days late) Geoffs birthday.

It was an excellent stop off at Saltisford and wonder why we have never been in there before.   The place is beautifully kept and Ian who seems to run everything was extremely helpful.. The place is very clean and has a good laundry.

Friday was departure day but the weather decided otherwise..........also Giles decided he could come back on Saturday and give a hand up the locks.   So we decided to wait another day which was quite fortuitous as another boat came in and also wanted to go up Hatton on the Saturday.   John and Sue on (cannot remember the name of the boat.....shall have to ask Geoff when he wakes up in the morning).

We arranged a 9am departure but it was still pouring with rain so we had a delay.  None of us had any desire to start the day by getting soaking wet.......however by 9.30 things were looking up so we were off and in the first lock by 0945.    By lock 5 a volunteer appeared and gave us a hand all the way to the top.   We stopped by the garage above lock 7 for Geoff to buy a couple of jerry cans of fuel.  It has been so cold we have had the heating on more than usual and there are no fuel barges around and the next filling place is some way ahead.

By the time we reached the 20th lock Giles and the grandsons arrived!!!  So much for help up the locks.   However it was lovely to see them 

A visit to the cafe ensued whilst Geoff had a much needed siesta!   Later we moved on a little way and the boys took turns driving Petroc........
Giles had brought his running shoes so managed his exercise for the day by running back to fetch the car.

After their departure Geoff and I collapsed!!  21 locks and a 7 and 5 year old are quite tiring.......

Total distance:2.49 miles
Elapsed time:3h56m34s
Average speed:0.63 mph (5.96 lock/mph) 

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