Sunday, 10 April 2016

To the Saltisford Canal Trust

We had checked ahead and discovered that there was room for us to moor at the Saltisford Arm Canal Trust Centre, so after a leisurely start on Saturday (and a cooked breakfast!)  we meandered gently past the back end of Leamington Spa and Warwick.   There is no indication of where one town stops and the other begins.  For the most part it was a lovely morning albeit still a little chilly.
We stopped to shop briefly at Lidls as they sell the chocolate Geoff likes!!  A slightly longer shop at Tescos to stock up for Geoff whilst I am away next week.
En route there are several places to moor but where there are rings it is not so salubrious and where it is nicer there are no rings and no means of getting stakes in to tie up to,

We squeezed past Kate Boats, just......with boats moored 3/4 abreast it was a close call......

The rain started just as we reached the first of the two Cape locks...sods law......

However we managed to get into Saltisford after after turning at the end of the arm we are moored right outside the office.   Electricity and water alongside.  It is really lovely in here, the grounds are beautifully kept and scrupulously clean.  Why have we never been in here before??

On Sunday we walked up to town to the church which is huge and had a lovely Choral Communion service.....this was another first as in all the times we have come this way we have never walked into Warwick itself before.  Originally Giles was coming up to take us out to lunch for Geoff's birthday but Geoff has now developed my cold....cannot think why because it has not departed from me yet!!!
But that has been postponed in the hope that he feels better by Thursday.   Giles will now drive me back from my visit to London and we will do dinner instead........we hope......

London and Salisbury here we come tomorrow....well at least I do.

Total distance:4.66 miles 
Elapsed time:6h19m43s
Average speed:0.74 mph (1.05 lock/mph) 

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