Friday, 1 April 2016


Well were are off.........a day earlier than planned.

Petroc was ready and waiting for us on Wednesday, thank to Rob and team.  Moored conveniently where we could unload.....this is the bit we both dislike........the unpacking bit!

Having said all was ready for us......we then discovered that the heating was not working.   Since it was only March it was a bit necessary.   Rob scratched his head over it for a while but eventually diagnosed a seized compressor.   He changed that for a reconditioned one(new ones are 3 times the price) and all seems to be well.

Since all the jobs were done by Thursday lunchtime (including a large shop at Sainsburys) we decided to make ourselves scarce.   There were 11 boats due in for turn around on Friday and we would have had to move off the quay and breasted up further down.   This is never ideal with Barney...he is a bit of a weeny going over other boats!

I was not full of enthusiasm for moving as, having avoided a cold all winter, I was now feeling decidedly under the weather with one.   I might even go so far as to say it was the woman version of man flu!   So we pottered just over a mile and moored at the bottom of Hillmorton locks.   Then I could try to die in peace.......

Today after a very gentle start for us (9am) we went up our first 3 locks of the year at Hillmorton.

Weather wise we have have been very lucky.   The sun sun for us all day Wednesday and Thursday and today was almost as good.   The wind is quite chill when the sun disappears but we had a pleasant run up to Braunston and I even feel somewhat more human.

Braunston seems very busy and most of the 14 day moorings closer in were full, but someone was looking after us as there was a Petroc sized space opposite the Boat House pub.   We have planned to meet Paul, Helen & Victoria there early this evening so it is very convenient.

Thursday 31st March

Total distance:1.37 miles Elapsed time:0h57m Locks:Bridges:4

Friday 1st April

Total distance:7.1 miles Elapsed time:3h 03m Locks:Bridges:18 

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