Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tardebigge Phew!!!!

Only 30 locks difference between these two notices!!!  However our guide book is correct, one needs to embrace them and not fear them.   We had a lovely sunny day, albeit chilly at times and once we had a good routine going between the two of us we were able to enjoy them to the full.   Mind you we were slightly jaded by the time we reached the bottom lock after 4 hours.   Exactly four hours from entering lock 57 ( we had done lock 58 yesterday so really only 29 today) to exiting the bottom lock.

Whoever lives in this lock side cottage must be an amateur radio buff....
unless he has trouble receiving a TV signal!!
The Queens Head pub lies at the bottom of the locks and I decided that we had earned a look at their 2 for 1 Pizza's (before 7pm) instead of cooking.   Accordingly we paid a visit there early evening for a drink and we hoped a meal.  We were nearly out of luck as it proved to be an extremely popular place.   Every table in the dining room was booked, something which it had not occurred to us to do on a week night.  All the bar tables were full except for  one small table for 2 in not the best position....but .....any port in a storm!   The pizzas were excellent as was the service so can thoroughly recommend the pub (Pizzas are not the only thing available)

So Tardebigge has been done, we have only done it once before and that was in the opposite direction.   WE only met 3 boats on the way up.   We were the first of the day down but later 2 more joined us at the moorings.  Not exactly Piccadilly Circus in this neck of the woods.

Total distance:2.12 miles 
Elapsed time:4h19m29s 
Average speed:0.49 mph (6.96 lock/mph)

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