Monday, 25 April 2016

Worcester by the racecourse

Nesting marauding male in evidence
We left our idyllic mooring about 9am, chilly but no rain.....yet.   Barney and I had our early morning stroll whilst Geoff motored on.  The 8 locks taking us down to the river Severn are all in peaceful countryside.   At the 3rd before the end the lady who lives in the cottage very kindly came to help.   She let Geoff embark and closed the paddles and gate for kind.

I should mention that all the locks were set against us and were very slow to fill so it was a very slow cruise down.   After all the boats we had seen going through Droitwich at the weekend we met not a single one.

As we left the last lock we phoned ahead to the lockeeper at our only river lock of the day and confirmed that the river levels were OK.  It was on with the lifejackets and we were on a river again, albeit on for a short while.   We then passed our first boat of the day.

Then came the rain just as we started down the river.   A particularly heavy shower as we were approaching the lock.....nothing to do but endure!!!!

There was plenty of room at the racecourse moorings, only one other boat moored there. 
Total distance:9.23 miles 
Elapsed time:4h28m39s 
Average speed:2.06 mph (4.07 lock/mph) 


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