Sunday, 24 April 2016

Weekend in Droitwich

Idyllic mooring
We came via Droitwich as the forecast for the weekend was not good and it seemed to be a better place to be stuck than on the outskirts of Worcester.

In the event we had cold but lovely weather with a good deal of sunshine.  We had to move a little way along from our first delightful mooring spot as Geoff could not obtain a TV picture!

We have luckily chosen the right weekend for our visit as they have a gathering here next weekend and we think mooring space will be scarce.   There are already notices going up saying mooring fact we are sitting on one!!

It is delightful to see that this canal, which was only restored and reopened in 2011, is being well used.  On Saturday there was a steady stream of boats passing through.  We are in the middle of 3 swing bridges and at one stage there were 5 boats nose to tail waiting to go through.  More traffic than we have seen anywhere else!   4 of the boats were the bright yellow Viking cruisers(or whatever the company is called now)

Vine park where we are moored is well kept with plenty of rubbish bins, recycling bins and Dog Poo disposal bins.    Barney approves of the situation as he can sit out alongside the boat and observe all the goings on.....plenty of dogs to see.

We are just hoping that we have not used up all the good weather as we must move on down to Worcester tomorrow.   The forecast is not brilliant.

We are just a swing bridge away from Waitrose and the town with a good variety of shops.
Some of the building in the older part of the town
We went to St Andrews Church this morning where the very uneven flooring bears witness to the salt era for which Droitwich is known.   Subsidence has taken it's toll!

We also visited the Gardeners Arms pub for lunch conveniently situated just a stones throw from our mooring.    We ate here on our last visit and it was well worth revisiting.   I was unable to do justice to a dessert after an excellent Sunday roast so about 6pm I made a return visit for my second course!!!   Geoff declined to join me......

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