Thursday, 28 April 2016

Short trip to Diglis

On Tuesday I caught the train back to Rugby to collect our car.  On return we checked in with Tony at Grist Mill boatyard where Petroc is going for her facelift.

The place we chose to moor turned out to be not the most a few sharp showers last night have left Petroc dirtier than ever by throwing up all the mud from alongside us!  In addition we have some large muddy footprints on the roof..........and we didn't hear a thing!!!!

Luckily by Wednesday morning all the rain had gone and we had a sunny run down the river and up the two big locks into Diglis basin.
We managed to moor as close as possible to the boat yard where she is going to have a facelift........a paint job and the windows all out to treat the damp patches.

So for us it is back to Cornwall for a few weeks.........with a bit of luck by the time we return the weather may have warmed up a little

Total distance:1.14 miles 
Elapsed time:1h4m32s 
Average speed:1.06 mph (2.92 lock/mph) 

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