Sunday, 3 April 2016

A fall at the first fence

What did I say about everything being fixed on Petroc!!!

Braunston Turn
Early Friday afternoon our 240V electricity failed.........the inverter had packed up had been back to the factory over the winter to be repaired and we thought all was well.    Needless to say, himself was most unamused.   He thought it was his fault as he didn't realise the microwave was on and he switched the kettle on.   However we have had both on numerous times before with no problem.

A call back to Rob at Clifton resulted in Chris coming out a bit later to see if he could diagnose the problem.     No Luck but after consulting with Rob a new smaller inverter was brought from Midland Chandlers and fitted by Chris as a temporary measure with the promise that Rob will try and get ours going back at Clifton after the weekend.  At least we have the essentials (like Geoff's electronic cigarettes!!) but no washing machine, hair dryer etc.  However we were so grateful to Clifton for getting us up and running.

Whilst Chris was fitting it we disappeared to the Boat House to meet up with Helen, Paul, Victoria and James where we had a good catching up session.

During the night I was still pondering why the inverter had suddenly decided to pack in when I had a blinding flash....had we switched the immersion heater off before we left Clifton and mains power?????    The short answer was no, we  (or do I mean I ) had not.    This seems a likely explanation......the only question now is whether it is fixable or whether we are in for more unexpected expense......  We will wait for Monday.

Saturday we discovered that Maffi was here with the Milly M & Molly.  Barney was very gentlemanly when Maffi came for a cup of tea in allowing Molly to take over his bed.  Another catch up as we had not met for a couple of years.

My Saturday walk found this nifty gateway for Barney
All looks quiet here but in fact there are a lot of boats around this weekend.
Sunday we had a leisurely morning before church at All Saints.  Always an enjoyable service here as the Reverend Sarah is such an enthusiastic person........mind you it didn't stop me nodding off during her sermon but I put that down to my cold which I cannot shake off....Geoff had to dig me in the ribs.
At one stage I thought I would have to leave as I began to cough.......

We had intended to move on after church but it seems wise to stay here until we see what can be done for our electrics.  We are close to Midland Chandlers and easily accessible for Rob or Chris to do whatever needs to be done.

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