Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend at Radford Semele

On Saturday we awoke to a clear blue sky, chilly but crisp....just the thing for getting rid of colds!!!
We only planned a short hop to Radford Semele so did not rush ourselves.   We had had a peaceful couple of days moored adjacent to Lidl's.  Although not one of our nice rural settings, it was quite pleasant and only a few passers by.

An hours trip took us the 2 1/4 miles to the open moorings a short distance from Radford Bottom Lock.  We knew Epiphany was moored further along but we did not want to be in the trees.   When we moored the sun was still shining well and the bank was the correct height for me to paint the gunnels down one side so whilst Geoff took Barney off to check on Epiphany I set to work...........

Today we went up to the relocated St Nicholas Church.  It is relocated because this is what the actual church looks like at the moment.  It was the subject of an arson attack in 2008 and they are still fundraising and trying to sort out the complicated paperwork to allow them to rebuild.   The insurance only covers what was there to start with and with all todays Health and Safety regulations other things have to be taken into consideration which the insurance doesn't cover.  However they hope to start building next May and to be open by Harvest festival 2012.   Meanwhile they are housed in the Community centre in the village where we had a very warm welcome.......both from the members and the fact that there was good central heating!!

Later we walked back to the village to meet John and Fi at the White Swan for lunch.  They had returned with friends John and Carolyn.  John is back to be resident on Epiphany and Fi had been let out of hospital for the weekend, whether it was for good behaviour or not I don't know!!  She looked well and was in good form but had to return to hospital later for the second part of her treatment.

The White Swan had also had a fire a few years ago, although locals told us this was a coincidence and thought to be accidental.  In this case it was rebuilt in 6 months and now looks exactly as it did before!   It is a chain pub (Chef and Brewer) so that may have something to do with it.  They obviously did not have to go through all the red tape associated with doing anything to a church building.

On our chilly return to Petroc I decided that the time had come to light the stove.  Geoff demurred slightly (but not very convincingly) and Oh Boy was it warm and cosy for the rest of the day.  I don't really know why he bothers to have a moan as it is always me who cleans it out!

We are slowly making our way back to Braunston and awaiting news of the next Lovegrove arrival.   There is some doubt as to the due date, we thought it was 1st October but yesterday Giles told us it was actually today as Susannah's dates had been miscalculated.....however both Ella and Finley were over a week late so we are not getting too excited yet.   Mind you an event occurred yesterday which ought to be enough to start Susannah off.............................................
This is a recent picture of Finley with his wonderful head of curls (the back which you cannot see is just a mass of curls)
And this is today's picture after his sister Ella decided to play hairdressers. (No curls left at the back either!)
It is not quite a short back and sides but a close run thing..........they may have to put his name down for the monastery!  I am told that tomorrow they have to go out and but him a hat..............................

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