Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Onward towards Lapworth

We set off about 7.15 after I had been to the local co-op for the paper.  It opened at 7 and I was there 1 minute past and they only had 1 Daily I out of my comfort zone!!!
Barney & I walking to Shirley Lift Bridge, Petroc behind.
We were about 3/4 hour behind Epiphany and we reached him just about 8am at Shirley Lift Bridge.
Epiphany going through Shirley Bridge

Petroc through the bridge
Shortly afterwards we passed Dickens heath Village and this very new looking complex with lovely space for residents to moor....but no sign of any mooring rings
It was  a much better day than yesterday with NO RAIN.  However despite blue skies above it was exceedingly chilly where we were as we went through a lot of cuttings which were quite dank.
Hence the scarf and several layers of clothing.
There were a multitude of moored boats to pass also, this stretch they were on both sides of the canal.
Epiphany negotiating the moored boats.
Traffic Jam at one point...why does one always meet another boat either at the narrowest part or at a bridge..this was about the second boat we had met today.
Just before reaching the top lock at Lapworth there are two lifting bridges to negotiate.   Geoff was walking with Barnaby by then so he opened both for Epiphany and Petroc.
We only planned to do the first 4 locks and then rest for the night before tackling the flight down to the junction tomorrow.  It might have been a better rest except Emma decided to visit for the I cooked supper for us all including John and of course Emma & Geoff sat up for hours putting the world to rights.........John departed and I went to bed....................Emma has to be away by 7 as she has patients to see.  

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