Thursday, 16 September 2010


Set off with difficulty this morning....Both Epiphany and Petroc had difficulty because of shallowness as we left the mooring.  However we eventually made it and Epiphany led the way.  We managed the grand distance of 1.37 miles and 16 locks in just under 4 hours.  Single locks now so there is a certain amount of waiting around for the steerer..(me) whilst Geoff and John do all the physical work...well I do close the odd paddle and gate when necessary.... We had quite a good rhythm going between the two boats until we met a couple of boats coming in the opposite direction.   Still it was a good run down.   The locks are in a pretty rural situation so one can just gently meander through.......well I could on the boat..

 We stopped to use the sani station by which time John had found us a good mooring spot with good satellite reception and adjacent to one another.
We used the square bollards at the sani station!

Being adjacent to Epiphany is necessary as Geoff is going to run Epiphany's engine whilst John is away at a wedding and the satellite was good for Geoff as I shall be deserting him for the weekend.

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