Thursday, 2 September 2010

Two more `Ends of Navigation`

Once it would have been three!

And so to the top.   A much more leisurely day as we did not have far to go and only two locks.   The trip was not without it's incident though!  Geoff and Barney walked for the trip and after seeing me through the first lock they went ahead to prepare the last lock, Langley Lock.  However before reaching there I came to bridge 27 as as I approached I realised that we would not fit underneath.  I hastily reversed and came into the bank as far as I could to await Geoff's return.  There was nowhere to tie up to so I stood and waited....and waited........eventually I tried ringing John and Fiona on Epiphany as I knew they were in the basin but despite several tries there was no reply.   I was not able to lift the flowers off myself and could not undo the screws on the sat dish.  Geoff of course did not have his mobile phone with him.  By now it was 11am and well past my coffee time so I climbed back aboard and went below to make coffee.
Eventually a very grumpy knight in shining armour in the shape of Geoffrey appeared demanding to know what was keeping me..................................
Barney had also wondered where I was ! (But he wasn't grumpy)
Offending articles were removed inside for safety and I tried again.  This time we went under with no trouble and then reached Langly Bridge which had a little more headroom. 
Going under Langley Bridge just before the last lock.

And so to the Great Northern basin.   Strictly speaking I (we) had just done two heads of navigation.   The top of the Erewash was just below the lock and once in the basin we were at the head of the now unnavigable Cromford canal.   Parts are still in water and there are restoration plans.  But it was once also the head of the Nottingham canal as can be seen from this building in the basin

Once up the lock I was greeted by John 

We then moored up in a very congenial spot with plenty of grass for Barnaby to lie out on and watch the world go by.

The weather was still being very kind so in the afternoon I was able to paint the gunnels down the starboard side and touch up and few other spots as well.  I had managed to do the port side whilst in Nottingham.

Later John & Fi came over for the odd glass of wine or two and so ended a very pleasant day...even the grumpy knight in shining armour had recovered his sense of humour.

My thanks to Fi for most of these pictures.

Looking from our mooring towards the Cromford canal

looking in the other direction towards the now derelict Nottingham Canal

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