Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Hatton Flight

After a little discussion this morning as to whether or not I had been informed of the ETD we set off!!!!
The start involved a longish reverse back to the junction to turn around and of course sods law determined that a boat chose to come out as I approached and wanting to come my way..................however with great aplomb I successfully negotiated myself around him (well I think it was well done anyway!) and we set off.
I picked Geoff and Barney up at the second bridge
It was then just under a couple of hours to the top of the Hatton Flight.  I spent the first half being terribly domestic down below and then Barney and I walked the last stretch.   Two boats had pulled out between Epiphany and Petroc so we had to let them go first down the locks which was a pity as they were real slow coaches.  John & Carolyn, two friends of John had arrived to help and after the first couple of locks Emma also appeared so we had plenty of muscle.

Looking back, not far from the top
John wanted to take lots of pictures as he needs to keep up with Epiphany's blog in Fi's absence
Whilst waiting for locks he made good use of his phone!
Several of the locks we were able to exit side by side unless a boat coming up spoiled our plan...then it always seemed to be us who gave way.  We though we did it very neatly going left and right and coming together at the entrance to the lock again....... we even thought we might audition for narrowboat synchronised swimming!!
Emma hard at work
He's on the phone again!!  Good job he can multitask.....
And so to the bottom.  We moored below lock 26 and after lunch did a car shuffle, Emma and I did a mini shop and John carried on to Leamington.  We will catch him up in a couple of days.

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