Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sojourn in Great Northern Basin

After a very domestic morning Fi, Barnaby and I went for a walk to discover what we could of the old Nottingham Canal.  It is very sad to see what little remains.



Fi was taking pictures for her blog.   If you want to know more about the history of the local canals go to epiphany'sblog
Barney was a great help but managed to get a bit muddy!! (Thanks to Fi for the picture)
Along the route we managed to collect ourselves enough blackberries for a good crumble which Fi cooked and we ate aboard Epiphany later that evening.
Our route eventually brought us back to the Erewash and since it was rather hot by then we stopped for a rest in the shade at Eastwood Lock.  Another mistake as I managed to leave behind my hiking stick.  We didn't discover this until the next day by which time it had someone is walking around with my red stick.......
The last lock before the basin bears testament to the work done by the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association.  You can see more about their work at
Friday is the day their `Geriatic Working Party` meet and they were much in evidence today.
Another domestic morning for me washing all our venetian blinds.....whilst Geoff and Barnaby went exploring this time.......they managed a much longer route than Fi and I whilst exploring the old Nottingham Canal.   90% of the time we are glad we had venetian blinds throughout..BUT I am not glad when I have to clean them....  still there is plenty of time for leisure.

Geoff always returns just as I have sat down!
In the afternoon Fi and I went up into Eastwood to explore the DH Lawrence trail which was not wildly exciting but did allow us to call into Morrisons for a few groceries that were not available in the Lidl stores close to the basin.   In the evening we sampled the delights of the the Great Northern pub.  We are planning to move on tomorrow after church so this was our meal out in lieu of Sunday Lunch.   
We are planning to travel in company with Epiphany for a while.

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