Tuesday, 14 September 2010


That's the best I can say about today........we became very wet.
Luckily we had the run out of Birmingham before the really heavy stuff set in so we were able to enjoy the run through Gas Street Basin.  They really have made the most of the canals through the centre of the town.
Departing in the rain (John's picture)

When we reached the end by the Mailbox where we have a sharp turn to the right we met an impediment.....
A hire boat was trying to turn, at least we think that was the intention.....and had become firmly wedged........
To add insult to injury another boat appeared from the right in the opposite direction.
Anglo Welsh firmly wedged!
We were hanging back watching the fun.   He eventually managed to unblock the canal and the other boat came through and we did a hasty dart round the corner to get ahead of him.........
We stopped to shop at the convenient Sainsbury's on the way out and after that the rain became heavier.  We had set off before Epiphany but John went past as we shopped.  He is now single handing as Fi has gone into hospital for 2/3 weeks treatment.   
At Kings Norton we turned left for Lapworth, and passed this old lock which was familiar from our previous trip down here in Tickey.

The lock is not used so we just passed through.  It seems to be even narrower than all the other locks.

Looking back at the old lock....note Geoff in raincoat...we were quite soggy by this stage.
By now John was about an hour ahead of us and at 3 o'clock we both gave in and moored as the rain was not nice...........about 2 miles apart.   We shall set off before him tomorrow to catch up and do the first few of the Lapworth locks.

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