Sunday, 5 September 2010

Back down the Erewash

After a leisurely few days in the Great Northern basin it was time to start the return trip down the Erewash.

After morning service at St Andrews Church in Langley Mill, and removing flower boxes and sat dish from the roof,  we set off in company with John & Fi on Epiphany.
Lady Drivers!!
Epiphany coming through the offending low bridge 27 which caused my problems on the way up.
Working the locks with 2 boats makes life easier and we had a good run down.  Some of the bridges are very low as can be seen above.  Epiphany had gone ahead here leaving me with a crowd of gongoozlers and what should have been an easy task to pick Geoff up in the tail of the lock.  However the very low bridge and a sudden gust of wind caused me to drift a tad too close to the brickwork on my starboard side so it looks as though I shall have to so a small remedial paining top up!!!  Why do these things always happen when someone is watching...........I think I rather shocked some of the Sunday morning strollers with my language when I realised what was happening!!
However the rest of the trip was more tranquil, we had a short period of rain but at least it was warm rain.....
the canal is quite shallow in places but we only had one trip (or rather Geoff did) down the weed hatch and that was a false alarm.  There were plenty of fishermen out and the majority of them were situated either on the lock moorings, where there are big notices saying amongst other things....NO FISHING, or in the tail of the lock as we came out.   We eventually moored just above Pasture Lock.  We moved ourselves several times to try and get a satellite TV picture and eventually achieved it much to Captain Grumpalong's delight!!!!!

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