Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Weekend in London

Wednesday 9th September
I left Garstang in the driving rain to catch the bus to Preston, I had no rain at all whilst away and I returned yesterday to driving rain..... are we in the wrong part of the country...apparently the London I left behind had wonderful sunshine and high temperatures!

I had two days with Emma and Boe, followed by a reunion and a night at the RAF Club where I met some colleagues whom I had not seen for well over 40 years!!! That was followed by a couple of nights with Giles and Susannah and the grandchildren. I couldn't resist putting a few pictures as a change from canals and boats.

I had booked my train tickets well in advance so managed to get a cheap first class for the outward journey and it was great, free lunch, snacks, and even alcohol...I arrived in London after two free glasses of wine feeling no pain! This was on a Virgin Pendolino service. The journey back was less delightful as I had booked standard class and the train was crowded and we were packed in like sardines. What a contrast.

Ella at 4 1/2 has just started school and appears to be loving it and Finley is 10 months, standing with very little help and not far off walking.
Wonderful to see them all but very exhausting and great to be back to this slower pace of life. We moved down from Garstang today in a fair amount of sunshine, although there is a slight nip in the air. Now moored in a delightful spot in the open about 3 miles from the top of the locks. Forecast tomorrow looks good for the trip down to Savick brook and the river trip back to Tarleton.

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Heth said...

Enjoy your crossing today, great weather for it!