Thursday, 3 September 2009

Garstang again

Thursday 3rd September

Steve from Altham Marine sorted our engine problem out on Tuesday. He took an enormous amount of water out of the fuel tank and we seem to be OK now.

Set off in the rain (again) on Wednesday with Geoff on the tiller all togged up in his wet weather gear but soon afterwards the rain stopped and we had a dry run most of the way.

We had arranged to pick up fuel at Garstang Marina. They don't have alongside pumps but by pre-arrangement they bring large containers down and pump it in for you. They were extremely helpful and we could declare our own split which my spread sheet this time told me we were 80/20......that is 80% domestic..........

The only downside was that the price seemed to have risen sharply since our last 69.9p per litre + tax.

The rain appeared just before we had finished filling up so Geoff & I had to stand with two large umbrella guarding the operation....the last thing we needed was more water in the diesel!!

Now moored in Garstang where it has been a wild and woolly night. Geoff will stay here for the weekend as I am off to the bright lights of London. I have a reunion to attend and all the family to visit including the grandchildren. I return on Tuesday so will be off the air until then.

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John Fraser said...

Have you got a leak into your fuel tank? Your last engine problem seemed to point to water in the fuel did it not? No shortage of water here today, it has rained without break since early this morning. As Colleen had taken the neighbour ladies up to Aviemore in our car, I decided to cycle to the exercise class this PM - error. I got absolutely sodden on the return trip. Not to be repeated unless sunny and nil wind.