Saturday, 12 September 2009

Positioning for Liverpool

Friday 11th September
The forecast was good for today but we awoke to quite a thick mist which did not clear until about 10am.
Fuelled at St Mary's marina as they opened at 8am. We had hoped to meet up with Tazey Teazey whom I had been in email contact with and we had been reading each others blogs. However as we had a long day ahead of us we needed an early start and there was no sign of life aboard.! The meet that never was....................
We then tackled the 7 locks to the top of the Rufford arm. (The mist was clearing, at least we could see the lock!) Two of the pounds were very low and I had to go very slowly and dead in the middle. Once at the top we turned right back onto the Leeds and Liverpool. For the past two days we had not met any other travelling boats but that all changed and now we had the occasional glimpse of other fellow travellers.

Shown below is some of the different paddle gear on the Rufford Locks.

We eventually reached Hancocks Bridge which was where BW were to meet us the following morning. We were unsure why they had to meet us as we had negotiated quite a few swing bridges all on our own. The last but one of the day was the most hazardous and all because it was school letting out time. It appeared that every child wanted to cross the bridge and all their parents wanted to cross over in their cars...Geoff had quite a job to clear the bridge to move it

This was the sky on our mooring that night which we hoped heralded another good day....could we really have 3 good days on the trot?

Early morning there was some mist and lovely clear skies so our luck was holding.

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