Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Going Home.......

Tuesday 23rd September
Another early start but not quite so cold today. We are putting the miles on now as we are in the last two weeks of our trip. It was somewhat slow in places today as there were quite a lot of boats around in both directions. We managed to hit Preston Brook Tunnel dead on 0830 and since you can enter southwards from 30-40 minutes past the hour, we though we had been exceptionally clever. However when we reached Saltersford Tunnel there was a queue of 4 waiting and we made the 5th. It was slow going after that. A couple of them stopped at the sani station at Anderton so we moved up a couple of places!!!
We had wanted to go down the Anderton Lift on this return trip but we have lingered too long further north so it will have to be saved for another year.
Eventually moored just before Bridge 80A by one of the flashes. Lovely open mooring and Geoff has even managed to get a satellite picture on the TV.
Another early start planned for tomorrow.....can I stand the pace.........we will be back to locks again after a long stretch with only the one small one just after Preston Brook

Peaceful Mooring

Does this evening sky bode well for tomorrow?

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