Monday, 28 September 2009

Long Weekend on Tixall Wide

Monday 28th September
Friday was another longish day for us but after a week of long days we reached Tixall Wide and managed to find a space. There were quite a few boats there but we were lucky.
It has been a mixture of a relaxing and working weekend.
I have nagged all summer about touching up little bits of paintwork to no avail, but Geoff has now, very reluctantly, got out the paint brushes!!!
I was frustrated as I wanted to do the black along the sides but have run out of paint. Tried in a big chandlers in Stone but they had never heard of International "Interlac". So have phoned Rose Narrowboats just before Rugby who hope to have it in for me by Saturday when we go past. However in between relaxing I have entertained myself with cleaning the venetian blinds.....what a thankless task! I don't regret our decision to have the narrow slat blinds, except when they need cleaning. None of the cleaning solution that have been purchased work...the only answer is to manhandle each slat...takes forever!!!

Tixall Wide
Rural scene on the River adjacent to Shugborough Hall

Unusual Tower on Catholic Church, Great Haywood.
It is a 20 min walk to Great Haywood but sufficient shops there, a good Farm Shop, pub and church.
The visit to the church was unsuccessful however. I checked the time of service online and on the notice board outside the church which read "Service here this Sunday Holy Communion 10am" We were somewhat peeved having walked up specially to find there was not a service there after all, it was in a neighbouring church at 10.30. Since we hadn't a clue where the other church was and being on shank's pony, we abandoned the mission. Later we met our friend Father Colin for lunch in the pub. We had last seen him in the same place two years ago.
All in all a good weekend, no rain and some sunshine but not all the time.
Tomorrow we are on the water again aiming to be back in Rugby and Petroc's winter home by next the summer has flown.


John Fraser said...

I thought your entry "Going home" had a sort fin de siecle, autumnal ring to it. Are you ready for a return to more space and winter in a house? I've sort of envied your trip but it seems less "footloose and fancy free than I'd imagined. You do seem tied to different time and movement constraints than those we suffer as landlubbers, but constraints nonetheless. Anyway have a safe last few days. Remember we drive on the left when you get back in the car. John

Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

Tixall is a small village and former civil parish in the English county of Staffordshire. it lies on the western side of the Trent valley between Rugeley and Stone, Staffordshire and roughly 4 miles east of Stafford. Deriving from the Old English 'Ticheshale' the name is said to mean 'hollow of the goats