Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sojourn In Liverpool

Wednesday 16th September
A good time was had by all...a very successful visit to the 2008 City of Culture.
Geoff and I visited both the Anglican and the Catholic Cathedral on Monday morning. On entering both of them it was a great WOW factor but in a completely different way.
They are at opposite end of Hope Street and this is the Anglican viewed from the Catholic(locally known we gather as Paddy's Wigwam.!)

These two interior views of the Anglican do not really give a true impression of the vastness, it is truly majestic. See for more pictures and info

High Altar Anglican Cathedral
The Catholic Cathredral is of a very different style but we thought extremely well done, although I was not too sure about the outside as we approached it......I thought the top looked a bit like a gasometer!! The very modern interior sits on top (or part of it does) of the original Crypt designed by Edward Lutyens who had originally been commissioned to build the whole Cathedral. You can see more at the following link and much better pictures than mine.

Entrance to China Town

Gill between two great men!
David Shepherd and Derek Warlock

Unusual Street Sculpture
Apparently suitcases of various stars.
Emma arrived by train on Monday afternoon, we explored the Albert Dock with a brief pause for a cocktail and later found a good Thai & Chinese Restaurant for an "Eat all you want" meal......
Tuesday Emma and I left Geoff to visit more museums and, together with Barnaby, we took the Ferry across the Mersey. We alighted at Seacombe and walked into New Brighton and eventually caught the bus back to Liverpool (Don't these bus passes come in handy). In the afternoon at Emma's insistence we visited the "Beatles Experience" but did not think much of it.
Emma treated us to an excellent meal in a Tapas Bar later on. We have been living the high life here, it will be back to the more normal tomorrow.
This morning we were told to be ready by 11.30 to depart, but were delayed an hour. We found out later that a huge crane was towering over one of the locks on the way up and BW had deemed it inadvisable to let the boats who were coming down, into the lock until it had deposited its load.......very wise. 3 of us going up and we drew the short straw and were the single. However it was relatively painless through the locks and we then pressed on to Litherfield for the night. Tomorrow we have to meet BW at 8am at Swing Bridge 6 so it will be an early start, at least it will be for Geoff and me, I doubt we shall get Emma up that early.......

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