Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Still at Galgate

Tuesday 1st September

Today should have been moving on day to Garstang, however whilst running the engine yesterday it decided to give up the ghost. Called our friendly mechanic Steve from Altham Marine who had come when we broke down last time. We had already arranged for him to return and clean out the fuel tank this coming Saturday but had to bring the visit forward.
Yesterday (Monday) Geoff walked down to the Glasson Basin again and reported that the wind was still blowing strongly there. There were some boats leaving as can be seen from this crowd in the top lock on the Glasson Branch.

It has been a pleasant stop here at Galgate, it fulfilled all our criteria for the weekend, ie Church, Pub for Sunday Lunch and shop for papers etc. It even has a bank wide enough to put out my chair in the sun...........what it did not provide was the sun so to do!!!!

I have been desperate to do a bit of touching up to the black sides of Petroc so I risked it this afternoon. I managed to almost finish just as the clouds loomed dark again and began to dump their load..........we have certainly had some heavy showers in the last few days, and some thunderstorms also.

We had had some minor trouble with small leaks in two of our windows but have just acquired some "Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure". During a brief dry spell Geoff used this and , fingers crossed, it may have done the trick.

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john fraser said...

Evnin' both,
Have you managed to get your engine fixed yet? Is it serious/expensive or both?
Not so bad as long as you're in a pleasant-ish place, which Galgate seems to be.