Friday, 18 September 2009

The Leaving of Liverpool

Friday 18th September
The trip out Wednesday went well once we were on our way. There were 6 boats in and just 3 out. The other two paired up so we had to climb the locks alone but BW did most of the work with some assistance from Geoff and it was all very smooth

Our Mooring complete with electricity and eventually water when it is connected
Approaching Canning Lock

In Canning Lock
This lock has a very small rise and fall and is only there because they can raise and lower the water in Canning Dock to allow the passage of bigger vessels
Approaching one of three short tunnels. New Pierhead Building left and Liver Building right
One of the new channels linking docks
Approaching bottom of Stanley Locks
Once we reached the top we turned left to position ourselves at Litherland so that we only had an hours trip the next morning before meeting the BW staff at Bridge 6. Litherland is not the most salubrious of moorings but seemed safe enough and had a sani station.
We set off about 6.45 on Thursday morning and were soon through Bridge 6. The next meeting point was Hancocks bridge but we reached here about 0840 and BW said they had to wait to open it until all the cars with school children had gone through as they feared for their life if they held up any of the mums(or dads!)
Once through there we just had lots of swing bridges to negotiate. We soon lost the third boat as he was ultra slow and it all worked very well with the two of us alternating the opening of the bridges.
Part way along one of the other boats had to give a tow to this unusual boat which had broken down..... it seemed to be an upside down car body!
Eventually reached Parbold just after 3pm.........long day for us!
Friday was just a moderately early start for us at 0810, but Emma thought it was very anti-social! Since we had several locks to do Geoff had told her he would appreciate her help....... After the first two we caught up with another boat and life became easier for us all. Geoff and Emma don't have so much energetic work and two in a double lock is much easier for me.
We met quite a few boats today which is a novelty, we have become used to seeing very few. I think a large number from a boating club are descending on Liverpool.
Passed the famour WIGAN PIER which did not impress Emma!
Eventually moored in Worseley where we watered. Geoff had thought of a pre dinner pint at the pub by the mooring but he was disappointed as it is another hostelry which has shut down.
Just 8 miles to go tomorrow for the run into Manchester. We are going in there as Emma will catch her train home on Sunday. We will depart there on Monday for the trip back to Rugby....where has the summer gone...or should I say the summer months. We have had some better days recently but quite chilly at times, autumn is certainly around.

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