Monday, 21 September 2009


Saturday 19th September

Short hop into Manchester today. We were last here 2 years ago so we know the way in now!

Throstle Nest Bridge

Getting closer
Just before the turn into Castlefield Basin

Not sure who was watching! But we didn't have any trouble

Last time we were here we turned left and moored by the YMCA but this time we thought we would try the other side. We hadn't seen many boats so did not expect it to be full.......wrong!!!

It looked very full right down the arm so we stopped short whilst I went on foot to explore. There were two spaces further up but not so much sunshine so we decided to stay put.
There are restaurants and bars all around the basin

Hilton Hotel is quite a landmark as you approach

Our Mooring Spot
After we moored about 10 boats came past and we couldn't work out where they would go. When we investigates they were doubled and trebled up at the end making it very difficult if you wanted to go up and turn. Luckily we were far enough out to reverse if necessary. We did watch (aren't we rotten!) several boats reversing's always great to watch other people.

We had a good weekend here sampling a couple of the restaurants whilst Emma was with us. It has been a great week with her, she has even cooked supper a couple of nights, although she has led us astray on the drinking side!

She departed by train on Sunday afternoon and shortly afterwards we had Bill & Hilary to visit. They had driven down from Walsden near Todmorden where they live in a converted barn with fantastic views over the Rochdale Canal just before the Summit. We took Petroc up there two years ago for their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We spent the rest of the afternoon pleasantly catching up. They had previously visited us at Tarleton before we did the Ribble crossing in early August.
Monday 21st September
Early start today as we now have to have some longer days to try and reach Petroc's winter home in Rugby by the first week of October. After yesterdays beautiful sunshine when Emma and I sat out in our chairs on the quayside, the temperature this morning was a bit of a shock. It was hat and glove and even scarf weather for a few hours. It is also back to more towpath walking now so I did the first couple of miles with Barnaby and a little later Geoff did considerably more! he walked all the way into Lymm where we stopped to do some shopping.
We carried on for a couple more hours and passed this sight below........wonder what caused it?

Eventually moored in the open just short of Higher Walton beyond Stockton Heath.
After a suitable siesta Geoff decided he had to investigate the weed hatch yet again. We have spent the first 4 months plus with no problem at all but recently he has had to go down several times......I steer clear because his language is not good!! Today's haul was yet more wire and as a bonus part of a discarded bra! At least I hope it was discarded.......

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