Monday, 31 July 2017

Weekend in Henley

It is just too nice here to leave!!!  We should have had foresight and paid for a week when we arrived...£55 for the week instead of £10 a day.   

Lots of green park area alongside us, good for Barney and if the weather would improve it would be good for me sitting out.  Lots of activity to watch on the water and expensive pads to ogle on the other bank......just sooooooooooo pleasant......

Hazel and James from NB Gabriel
Friday saw the arrival of Gabriel and they joined us later in the afternoon to go and watch Dunkirk.
A mixed reaction to that.....I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I nearly jumped out of my seat several times and I was mentally and physically exhausted at the end of it.......Geoff on the other hand did not think much of it and thought it was an over-rated and under-budgeted film.   Horses for courses!

We were spoilt for choice for our cooked Saturday breakfast but eventually settled on the Chocolate Cafe as it was the closest.  It is the same management as the Village Cafe in Goring which we had sampled so it was a good recommendation.  It did not disappoint although it was slightly more are a lot of things in Henley!   After breakfast we decided to stroll downstream and see what was going on at the Henley Town Regatta........not to be confused with Henley Royal Regatta which has not long finished.    We would not have been mooring here then as the £55 for a week goes up to £200.   Whilst in Reading we moored near a boat who had been for the Regatta and as they said, if you wanted to be here for all the fun, £200 was a small price to pay.

We watched some of the rowing and managed to the the ladies RAF team come first in their race.  However after a bright start to the day, (so we had left without waterproofs or umbrellas) the clouds were getting darker by now and we were not sufficiently enthusiastic to take a chance on getting soaked.    As it was we had to do a dirty dart into the Angel on the bridge for a quick drink to shelter from the rain.  

We are pleased we don`t need fuel at the moment.
On Sunday we visited St Marys for Sung Eucharist.  We decided against Sunday lunch out here as a £10 meal deal from Waitrose seemed a much better bet.......and we dined well for that.   Excellent Steaks.

Now we are just pottering and plan to leave on Thursday to make our way to Marlow for next weekend.  Visitors expected tomorrow.....all the way from Australia.........its a hard life.....

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