Saturday, 15 July 2017

and so to Goring

Moved on sadly from Wallingford on has been a most pleasant stay.  It is not often we can moor right alongside a swimming pool.  Sadly the last two days were not conducive to going in but I managed three visits and very welcome it was in the hot weather.  We had no particular destination in mind this morning so when we saw a nice secluded spot where the bank looked favourable we decided to have a recce.

Those Canada Geese again!

A meadow all to ourselves.  
We were not completely isolated as we were right alongside the Thames Path and saw quite a few walkers during the day.   We also enjoyed watching a group of boys swimming and climbing high into the branches of the trees opposite and jumping in.  I was going to put up a picture but my younger daughter told me I should not be putting up pictures of strange young lads...maybe she is was a good picture though!


We decided to stay over a day as we wanted to be in Goring for the weekend and it is 3 days maximum so didn't want to reach there too soon.  Geoff walked into Goring for a couple of essentials, identified our cafe for Saturday breakfast and looked in a very nice grocery shop.  However he declined to purchase anything there as it was upmarket and pricey!


Friday we had one of our really early starts....haven`t been doing many of those this year....
However I was being collected by daughter-in-law Susannah at 11.30am to go to the boys sports day.

We has certain domestic things to attend to on Petroc before we moored so set of just after 7.   Geoff walked the meadow to Cleeve Lock where we filled up with water.  This took at least 1/2 hour.  Geoff has a moan every time this happens about the amount of water we must have used.  Personally I think it is just a slow flow!  Life would be a lot simpler if our water gauge worked, however it has never functioned from day one.   It was a delightful run down to Goring as there wasn`t a soul around at that time of the morning.  No sun but no rain either and a very pleasant temperature.  We had the river completely to ourselves.  I just delight in this, but Geoff is still muttering about his preference for the canals.

There was just one space available on the Goring Lock moorings as we were so early so we squeezed in but were right under a cherry tree so it was not ideal.   It was not long before several boats departed so we were able to move to a more congenial position.

Waiting for Goring Lock looking across at the Swan Hotel which is undergoing a major refurb
It is not often we are close enough to the grandchildren to be able to participate in any of their events so today was a bonus.   Luckily they only had a Mums and a Dads race and grandmothers were spared!  The bad part of the afternoon was that my phone died and in an attempt to charge it up Giles left the ignition on in his car so that when he left to return to work...the car battery was flat!!

Back to Petroc early evening as we were having very welcome and unexpected visitors.  Three of my ex RAuxAF friends were only 35 miles away working at the Fairford Air Show so they decided to pay us a visit.   It was great to see Jane my friend from Cornwall and also Steve and Keith whom I have not seen for several years.  Drinks and starters on board and then a very good meal in the Catherine Wheel where a lot of reminiscing was done.


An excellent breakfast in the Village Cafe, we can thoroughly recommend it.  I then caught the train to Reading to replace my phone.  Just back in time to watch the Women`s finals at Wimbledon.

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