Friday, 7 July 2017

No so idyllic after all

The setting was idyllic BUT since were were here last someone has bought up a lot of the surrounding fields and fenced off around the mooring area.

This means that there is no longer access to Dorchester along public footpaths.   Geoff did manage to squeeze through a hole in the fence as we needed milk and bread, however it put us off staying an extra day.   Talking to a local lady walking her dogs she told me that all the locals were very unhappy about the state of affairs.   I had to talk to her over the fence as I had no way of getting to the path she was on

You cannot even access the lock through the field.

So onward we go past a very pretty boat house

With the house behind

Somewhat smaller boathouse but not bad for a weekend hideaway!
By now it was getting very hot and shade was desperately needed.  As we passed through Shillingford I spied a spot I thought we could creep into so I persuaded Geoff to turn around and have a go at getting it.  There was no problem with the depth of water although it was a bit exciting getting through all the branches.   Barney spied the shade and was off like a shot.  There was a convenient tree to tie the stern too and Geoff braved the nettles to get a stake in for the front.   It was blissfully cool.
I was just about to turn the engine off when a snag manifested itself.......we had wasps at the stern!

Sadly it was up sticks and carry on.  Geoff not a happy bear...neither was I as I was suffering with the heat by then.
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So it was onward to Wallingford where we were lucky enough to find a space on the bank alongside the \Riverside park.

Journey 1
Total distance:2.79 miles 
Elapsed time:1h8m38s
Average speed:2.44 mph (3.32 lock/mph

Journey 2

Total distance:2.51 miles 
Elapsed time:1h18m10s 
Average speed:1.93 mph (2.69 lock/mph)

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