Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Beale Park to Pangbourne

Geoff's face sums up his view of being on the Thames
Geoff has only come onto the Thames because he knew how much I wanted to return which I have to admit is very chivalrous of him.  However he does grump a lot whenever he sees a No Mooring sign!
Notwithstanding we have not had a problem so far and have had some very congenial moorings.  Admittedly we have had to pay £5 a night in some places......although those administered by The Thames Mooring authority let you have one night free.  Other places administered by local councils vary...Abingdon was 5 nights free, although we hear rumours that is to be reduced to 3, Pangbourne only one night and no option to pay for extra.

Lovely rural English countryside

Not one of the Des Res`s we have passed but obviously Ripe for Coversion!

A lot of rowing practice in this area

Boat of the Day!
Today we decided on an early start.  The plan was to go back upstream to Cleeve lock and fill up with water before heading back downstream to Pangbourne via Whitchurch Lock to empty the loo cassettes.   A good plan in part......lovely empty river and locks as we set off just before 7am and all went according to plan until we came out of Whitchurch Lock to moor up for the loos......
They are not there!!!  The lock keeper kindly informed us that they were now at Mapledurham Lock.  Since this was a necessity we had to carry on and then about turn yet again to get back to Pangbourne.  We had Giles and Zan coming to supper and it was a convenient place for them.

There were several places empty so we chose a nice one and duly moored.  As we tied up a small gin palace tried to squeeze in front of us which he was able to do as we moved a bit further back towards the bushes.  We were then thanked by a gentleman with a radio who said he was trying to find room for 8/9 boats all coming up from Windsor.   They must have blessed us as they could have put a couple more in our space.  Still we were not moving!

A most enjoyable supper in the evening, it was lovely to be just the four of us for a change.   Not that the grandchildren are not wonderful but we were able to have an uninterrupted chat.

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