Monday, 17 July 2017

Goring Weekend

Mooring on the Thames moorings here are 24 hours free and £5 a day for up to two extra days.  You have to phone up to announce your arrival and then you pay on the phone.   It also says there are cameras so you cannot escape.....but I couldn`t see any cameras!!  The moorings were mostly full during our stay but plenty of movement so you would be unlucky not to obtain a space.

Church at St Marys in Streatley this morning where we had a tremendous welcome.   So many people came up and said hello as we walked in and the church warden came up and introduced himself.
Large choir but small congregation.......apparently one of the congregation has an annual garden party and this was the day!!

No Sunday Lunch out today as the service was 11.15 and the Men`s tennis finals started at 2.......

Later I was collected by Susannah to babysit the grandchildren

This is part of their menagerie......there are two black ducks with a surrogate hen mother
who doesn`t understand the ducklings liking for swimming!
This morning we had a gentle cruise down as far as Beale Park where we found ourselves a secluded corner.   As we tied up the fuel barge came along to another boat so we took advantage.  We still had half a tank but it was a good opportunity and we could declare our own split!  though it was 89P
Schools out for the day for the geese
A large family for this pair of swans

Not a breath of wind this evening and the river is like glass

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