Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Onward to Sonning

On leaving Reading on Tuesday we had a minor hiccup when the 240 power failed.  We went straight over to the boatyard on the island but they did not have an engineer of the correct ilk......we decided to carry on and try Better Boating a little way down the river.  Meanwhile Geoffrey had a fiddle with switches and Viola!   I still had the urge to call in at Better Boating as it seems to me we have a disconnected wire that I can see but Geoff was more inclined to let sleeping dogs (wires) lie... Anyway when I called them whilst we were shopping at Tescos their engineer was out on a job......

As for shopping at Tescos, well we managed to squeeze into a space among the trees along from the somewhat pathetic staging they provide for shoppers.  The majority of those spaces were taken up with what looked like longer term moorers.   Luckily the notices that said my trolley would stop beyond a certain point could be circumvented and I could wriggle myself right up to Petroc...and NO I did not then dump my trolley in the river.....after all I needed my £1 back!!

So onward to Sonning where we found very acceptable moorings just above Sonning Lock so decided to stay a couple of nights.   No facilities in the pretty little village but there is a pub and a church.   The lock itself is one of the prettiest we have seen.  It even boasts toilets and a tea room. We might have sampled the tea room if the weather had been kinder.

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