Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Hard to leave Abingdon

Barney likes it here so many good walks and lots of grass

Pimms o`clock

Prosecco o`clock
Had a lovey couple of days with Boe here in Abingdon.   We also met up with fellow bloggers, Still Rockin with Carol & George and No Problem XL with Vic and Sue, whom we haven`t seen for a while.  In fact Sue from No Problem directed me to George on Still Rockin who did a wonderful remedial job on one of our aerial connections.   We have had problems with our newly fitted aerials ever since we started this year causing a lot of mutterings from Geoffrey!!

Sadly the time had come to say goodbye to Boe and also to Abingdon.
We decided go back up through the lock to take advantage of the sani station before leaving.   By the time we set off it was already showing signs of a very hot day.  

Barney found the only bit of shade under the skips whilst we watered!

I love this sign in Abingdon Lock.  The lock keeper obviously has a good sense of humour.
We dropped Boe off just before the bridge to catch a bus to Didcot and thence to Clapham Junction before setting off on some more holidaying, France this time.

Geoff decided to walk to Culham lock with Barney.  This was quite disconcerting at times as the vegetation along the path is quite high and I couldn`t always see where he was.  Needless to say he had forgotten his phone so if either of us had problems we were on our own!!

Before reaching Culham lock it had become extremely hot and I was not doing well.  The lock keeper did say we could moor at the very end of the lock landings but I didn`t like the look of it.   We decided to continue with Geoff on the helm so I could go up front and get a bit of a breeze.  He seems to cope better in extreme heat than me.

On reaching Clifton lock there were 24 hour moorings so we decided to stop.   Some shade on the bank to start with but it became ever more blissful as the afternoon wore on.

Great spot in the shade.  

Total distance:5.58 miles 
Elapsed time:3h20m0s 
Locks:3  (Abingdon up and Abingdon down!!)
Average speed:1.67 mph (2.57 lock/mph)

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