Thursday, 1 September 2016

Last night on the G&S canal

Pre dinner drink in Gloucester Docks, Petroc in the background.
After a lovely couple of days with grandchildren I returned to Petroc last night.   The journey from Gloucester was uneventful and only about 1.5 hours....the journey back was quite different......and it was all my own fault!   I had to change at Didcot parkway and some of the trains were running late by approx 15 minutes.   I positioned myself on the correct platform and my train duly came in on time (or so I thought) and I got aboard.   I looked for my reserved seat but saw someone sitting in it, however there was plenty of space and I spied a better seat anyway so luckily I didn't say anything. First stop was Swindon so I suspected nothing, however the second stop was Chippenham and that was definitely not've guessed it....muggins was on the wrong train!!  I have never done anything like that before.   This train was not going to Gloucester.  It was for Bristol and running 15 min late so came into my platform just ahead of my train which was just a few minutes late.........
I had to wait for the next train back to Swindon and then wait there for the next train to Gloucester......which when it arrived was a little two coach job with no toilets!!!!!
Today has been a better day for me but not for Barney.  He had a his check up at the vets with his gungy ears.  This involves the vet looking closely down his ears with his little look see thing, well you have never heard such a howling........and it started before the poor vet was down the ear.
Luckily the ear is on the mend so we hope not to have a repeat performance.
We then moved up to shop at Sainsburys and later came into the dock area to position ourselves for the run up the Severn tomorrow morning.  We are right on spring tides so the lock keeper says we need to leave the lock at 9.30 and we should be able to carry the tide up.

We are moored on a pontoon and the position is not ideal for Barney but ideal for a pre dinner drink!!

The forecast is not brilliant but sound slightly better than Saturday so may have to grin and bear it and get wet tomorrow.   We shall see.

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