Sunday, 28 August 2016

slowly heading north

But not too quickly!
I seem to be recovered from my tummy aberration thank goodness so Thursday we set off to position ourselves at a suitable place for Emma and Dave.   We managed to find a place on the 48 hour moorings in the centre of Saul Junction.  Not ideal for Barney as he likes to sit outside and there are two many cars passing by.  However it is close to the loos and showers which is a bonus when there are 4 of us on board!
Emma and Dave arrived soon after 9, which wasn't bad going as the traffic out of London was heavy.
Barney was a spoilt dog as he was allowed up on their bed
whilst early morning tea was being drunk!
I took advantage of Dave and the car on Friday morning as we needed to go to the vet with Barney and his gungy ears again!  He also took me out to Maplins to get a new lead for one of our radios...this has saved me a 2 bus ride next week.
We then took them to the Three Horseshoes to sample their 3Shu Pie........Dave managed the large one!!  We were just a pause on a longer journey for them so after lunch they set off for Haverfordwest.  Short but sweet visit.
I had occasion to return to the pub on the Saturday morning as I discovered I had mislaid my favourite cardigan.  I reached there just before opening time but the door was open so I went inside to enquire.  Unfortunately I was met by a rather rude gentleman who informed me that they had not found anything and that the pub was not open......and very abruptly ushered me out of the door.......this rather tainted my impression of the pub which had been favourable until then.   We had visited it 3 times for their 3shu pie.  It also somewhat ruined my rather pleasant walk......politeness costs nothing.
After I reached Petroc we set off and moved further up the canal to position ourselves for church on Sunday.  We moored by Rea bridge again which is also handy for the bus into Gloucester for me on Monday as I am visiting the grandchildren for a couple of nights.
Today, Sunday we went to St James church in Quedgeley a lovely traditional and quite high service.
As I write this we have just had an almighty downpour.  Since it is so warm we had everything open on the boat so it was a mad dash to make us watertight!!!  It was very short lived, probably what you would describe as a cloudburst......
We have had a few showers lately, even thunder yesterday, but nothing lasted long and plenty of dry in between.

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